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Elmbridge e-Museum

Explore the history of the Elmbridge area by discovering hundreds of images, objects and articles from the collections of Elmbridge Museum. Choose a period in time from the list below, or alternatively, take one of our fascinating tours or play a game!

Elmbridge before 1700
Find out about the early history of the Elmbridge area including prehistoric life; Roman and Anglo-Saxon Elmbridge; the Medieval era and Tudor and Stuart rule.

Elmbridge 1700 - 1900
Learn how the arrival of the railway in 1838 impacted transportation, and discover why Elmbridge was so popular among royalty.

20th and 21st century Elmbridge
Take a look at how the events of World War II affected Elmbridge and find out about the history of film pioneer Cecil Hepworth.

Test your skills with our online puzzles and games
Have a go at matching pairs or piecing together the jigsaw of Ember Court. Visit the museum to take part in our discovery trail and other activities.

Map of Elmbridge
Move around our map of the borough to see some local highlights we have selected for you.

Take a Tour!
Choose one of our fascinating tours to discover some of the incredible items held in the collections of Elmbridge Museum.

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