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Oatlands Palace 1537-1654 Exhibit

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Oatlands Palace was used as a Royal Palace from 1537 until 1650. The Tudor and Stuart monarchs and the courtiers stayed here quite often and enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle.

Between 1537 and 1545, Henry VIII expanded an existing late Medieval manor house in Weybridge into a large palace. Much foundation material for this palace was taken from the demolition site of Chertsey Abbey.

Excavations from 1968 onwards have revealed the layout of the palace. The artefacts discovered also indicated that the courtiers enjoyed a sumptuous lifestyle inside the palace.

Later monarchs carried out further improvements to the palace. James I's wife, Anne of Denmark, employed the famous architect, Inigo Jones, to build an ornamental gateway from the Privy Garden to the Park.

Oatlands Palace was demolished at the end of the Civil War in 1650. The site later became part of the Oatlands House Estate. A council estate was built over it in 1922. It was not until 1968 that proper excavations of the Palace site begun.

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