Objects in focus

  • White Suede Gloves Pair of long white suede gloves formerly belonging to Nesta Llewelyn. The gloves have 3 ribs on the back and are fastened at the wrist with 3 pearls.These glamorous white suede gloves once contained the hands of an extremely talented musician and daughter of one of the founders of the stylish Liberty & Co. Click her to find out her link to Elmbridge.
  • Oval Gold Locket Oval gold locket (c.1870s) containing a lock of hair. On the front of the locket is a cross formed by a narrow gold outline, lined with a layer of blue filled with twelve pearls.What hidden tragedy lies inside this charming gold locket, owned by one of the best-know families in Elmbridge? Click here to discover its story.
  • Robert Taylor Pritchett sketch OLD SHEPHERD.jpgThere's more to this sketch - and its artist - than meets the eye. Click here to find out how a picture can paint a thousand words.
  • Surgical Spectacles Surgical Spectacles.jpgWhat is the link between this strange pair of glasses, a national organisation and Thames Ditton? Find out here.
  • Tudor Ointment Jar 'Ogilvy's' Apothecary Jar, Tudor period.Discover Ogilvy's Apothecary and find out how this small jar contained an essential to Tudor sickness and health.
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